Spokane Home Builders, Locally Owned and Operated

Inland Northwest Construction Company is a fully licensed, insured and bonded general contractor.

Our employees boast 25 years of experience in the construction industry. For most contractor services we have dedicated and skilled workmen on staff. For larger projects we maintain a comprehensive list of reliable subcontractors. Because our overhead is minimal we pass the savings right on to you.

Building your dreams in Spokane. . .

As a full service general contractor Inland Northwest Construction Company provides a wide variety of services.  One of our favorites is building new homes.  We derrive great pleasure from taking your ideas, your dreams, and turning them into a new home.  From the time we send your ideas to one of our architects to the time we hand you the keys, we do our best to ensure your expectations are set appropriately and then met.  We pride ourselves in customer service that extends beyond what you might expect from a new home builder.

Spokane Home Builders Offering Quality Construction at a Reasonable Price

Inland Northwest Construction Company operates on the principle that the best value is seldom achieved at the cheapest price.  We will not lower our bids to beat general contractors  with the lowest bid unless we believe we can still deliever a quality result.  Unfortunately, that loses us a lot of bids.  Also unfortunately, it generates for us a lot of work . . . redoing or repairing construction work by Spokane builders which is neither up to code nor what the home owner expected when they chose the lowest bidder.  We understand that quality construction results take time and money.  And although we are willing to keep our prices low, we are unwilling to provide shoddy work or accept less than a quality product or quality service from our subcontractors.